fter successfully selling Melbourne’s laneways as a visitor drawcard, Tourism Victoria is now looking upwards with a campaign that promotes our rooftop bars and restaurants.

In the past year several more venues have defied our unpredictable weather, including Fitzroy’s Naked for Satan, city bar Goldilocks and Richmond restaurant Union Dining, joining well-known pioneers such as Madame Brussels and Siglo.

As a tourist draw it’s a no-brainer for Tourism Victoria, whose Play Melbourne campaign promotes a city where creative travellers can find hidden places – not only the well-known laneways but rootops and basements.

”Roof inhabitation is certainly growing,” says City of Melbourne manager of urban design Rob Moore.

Mr Moore points to Swanston Street’s Curtin House, with its bars and rooftop cinema, as an early successful example of ”vertical hospitality”.

She says roofs make good sites for hives because they offer height and privacy, and is encouraging city gardeners to plant bee-friendly species.

Rooftop bars & beer gardens

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